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Additional Product Keywords SEO
This addon adds the SEO benefit of the built in ECT additional product keywords (version ECT 5.7 +) to the product detail page of your ECT cart. No longer is it just to help locate products in your store search, but also includes all your variations for search engines to index.

Price: $10.00
11.00 CAD
AddressTrackerIP - a.k.a. 'FraudMOD'
  • Recognize the warning signs of fraud - A credit card transaction from Wyoming with an originating IP from Africa?� Hmmm.
  • Incorporate Geo-Tracking into your admin module and reduce chargebacks and fraud
  • Displays country origin of the IP address of your customers order
  • Includes country flag images for quick identification
  • No need to connect to an external server - You get a local copy of the IP to Country database.
  • No service fees!
  • Easy to install�
Price: $49.99
54.99 CAD
Advanced CSV Quantity Pricing Data Utility
The Advanced CSV Quantity Pricing Data Utility enables the store admin to download a CSV of all the quantity price breaks in the ECT store. This utility has the ability to Add, Delete and Update records in a single upload.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Automatic Coupon Issuer
  • Creates repeat customers
  • Automatically issue a coupon to your customers order
  • Unique coupon codes
  • Customizable settings for amount and duration of coupon
  • Custom message displayed on thanks page and included in the order confirmation email
  • No admin interaction required
  • Easy to install
Price: $50.00
55.00 CAD
Bing Shopping Feed
Build a product feed file for the Bing Shopping portal and list your items on their shopping database.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Customer Search Stats
  • Record and analyze keyword searches performed on your ECT store search box�
  • Determine valid and invalid searches
  • Searches are recorded by date so you can see historical results, and aggredated data such as TOP keyword results
  • Reports are available through ECT admin
Price: $60.00
66.00 CAD
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