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1/2 hour Custom coding

Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Checkout Progress Bar
This addon allows your customers to easily see the checkout steps required to complete a sale on your ECT site. Let them know it really is as simple as 1-2-3. Make them feel more comfortable that they do not have page after page of information to complete.

Use supplied images or text layouts, or create your own to match your needs or site design.

Price: $15.00
16.50 CAD
Client ReOrder
This mod allows your customers using client login to INSTANTLY create new orders based on previous orders. Clients who purchase the same items often no longer need to find all the products and add them to the cart one by one. Now they can choose the order that they have made and instantly purchase or modify (if they wish) the contents. 

Client ReOrder places a button beside all the past orders that a client has made and they can replicate them with the push of a button. This mod takes into account updated pricing, options and stock management.
Price: $50.00
55.00 CAD
Dynamic Sitemap
  • List text links to all your products on a single page organized by your store categories
  • Customizable display options - make it your own
  • Allows for easy navigation for your customers
  • Gives you the BEST SPIDER FOOD for your eCommerce store - force feed those webbots  ;)
  • Really easy to install. 
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Email A Friend (EMF) Pro
This addon sends a more professional looking email-a-friend email to your customers. It includes the product details such as image, description and price.
Price: $20.00
22.00 CAD
Quantity Pricing Display

Does you ECT store give quantity or volume discounts to your customers?  Until now there was no way other than using your description to let them know of your savings. Attract bulk buyers, larger orders, and increase your average sale.   

General Description:

  • Show your customers quantity discount pricing
  • Dynamically generated table
  • Product sensitive
  • Only shows for volume quantity discounted products
  • Easy to install
Price: $30.00
33.00 CAD
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