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Customer Search Stats
  • Record and analyze keyword searches performed on your ECT store search box�
  • Determine valid and invalid searches
  • Searches are recorded by date so you can see historical results, and aggredated data such as TOP keyword results
  • Reports are available through ECT admin
Price: $60.00
66.00 CAD
Dynamic Sitemap
  • List text links to all your products on a single page organized by your store categories
  • Customizable display options - make it your own
  • Allows for easy navigation for your customers
  • Gives you the BEST SPIDER FOOD for your eCommerce store - force feed those webbots  ;)
  • Really easy to install. 
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
ECT RSS Feed Generator
Generate and RSS Feed for your store products. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are great alternatives to email newsletters. They work like newsletters by delivering content from your site to your customers desktop, but since you only get what you ask for, RSS feeds are a spam free way to follow blogs, newsy sites and promote your products.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Email A Friend (EMF) Pro
This addon sends a more professional looking email-a-friend email to your customers. It includes the product details such as image, description and price.
Price: $20.00
22.00 CAD
EZ Category Drilldown Navigator
  • Lets your customers drill down the category tree with ease
  • Allows for easy navigation for your customers to find the products they desire quickly and easily
  • Lists text links to all your subcategories from the current page
  • Customizable display options�
  • Adds prime SEO keywords for your eCommerce store
  • ECT Addon - no worries of future updaters
  • Really easy to install.
Price: $30.00
33.00 CAD
EZ Client Login Form
EZ Client Login allows for a single all purpose client login page for your ECT cart. It gives a single location to sign up for a new account, allow current clients to login, and for clients who forgot thier password to retrieve it. Also it gives you the ability to require your client to agree to the terms of your client login program. If you use the Client Login feature of ECT, this is a cleaner gateway for your clients.
Price: $20.00
22.00 CAD
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