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ReCart PRO

What makes this product PRO?

  • comes with the original ReCart seen above ($25 value)
  • bundled with our Order Status Login Link mod ($25 value)
  • Comes complete with a immediate action button that sends a ReCart email from admin

General Description:

  • Allow customers to return to the store and continue shopping with an abandoned cart
  • Customers are authenticated automatically though the generated email link
  • One button click of your customer and cart is recaptured to continue checkout with their items
  • One click to send ReCart customer email from admin
  • Customizable email text, with sample included
  • email includes customers name and pre-configured ReCart Link
  • No more cut n paste into email templates.
For those with the original ReCart you can choose the upgrade path as our thanks to you.  Please include your order number of your original purchase if you are upgrading as you checkout.

Price: $50.00
55.00 CAD
Social Bookmarking for ECT
Use social bookmarking to boost trafic, web presence and create buzz about your store and product offerings. This addon allows you easily include social bookmark links for your customers. It will include your product and store name in the link bookmark title, and will link directly to the ECT page bookmarked.
Price: $20.00
22.00 CAD
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