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MAP Pricing
General Description:

  • Allows your cart to conform to MAP pricing guidelines���
  • Shows a message instead of the price until placed in customers cart
  • Admin controlled for individual products.
Price: $65.00
71.50 CAD
Minimum Purchase Quantity
This mod allows you to set minimum purchase quantities for individual products in your store. It add a text box in the product admin where you can control the minimum quantity of any product. Your products will start with the minimum value on the store front quantity inputs and will validate any value below the minimum set if changed any lower.
Price: $50.00
55.00 CAD
New Affiliate Notification

General Description:

  • Automatically receive an email notification when someone joins your affiliate program!
  • Includes the details that were entered by the new affiliate
Price: $10.00
11.00 CAD
New Client Login Notification
  • Automatically receive an email notification when someone signs up for a customer / client / wholesale account!
  • Includes the details that were entered by the new client
Price: $10.00
11.00 CAD
PriceGrabber Shopping Feed
Build a product feed file for PriceGrabber and list your items on their online shopping portal.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Product Review Indicator
This product allows you to visually be notified of product reviews that require your approval. You no longer need to visit the review page to see if anything requires your attention every time you login. Avoids the need for email notifications that go in your junk folder or clutter your inbox. 

Product Review Indicator places a message indicating the number of current unapproved reviews.

Requires minimum version ECT 5.5.0
Price: $10.00
11.00 CAD
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