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Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Repeat Customer Indicator
  • Easily identifies sales made by repeat customers
  • Indicates number of orders placed by a client
  • Easily view those past orders with a single click
  • Easy install
Price: $20.00
22.00 CAD
Review Reminder Email
This modification of the Ecommerce Template allows the store owner to remind customers to return to the site and leave a review for the products they have ordered. A simple button initiates a pre defined email including the links for each product review page, making it easier for your customers. Returning to the site after a sale especially if they are satisfied with your goods and service increases the odds of repeat sales. Use this as both a way to get reviews and as a sales tool.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
ShopZilla BizRate Shopping Feed
Build a product feed file for Shopzilla or BizRate Shopping and list your items on their online shopping portals.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
Simple Address Labels
Adds a button in your order admin that allows you to get your customer address to easily be printed on a label or paper. Also allows for cut and paste of the entire address rather than a single line at a time,
Price: $15.00
16.50 CAD
Yahoo Shopping Feed
Build a product feed file for Yahoo! Shopping and list your items on their shopping database.
Price: $25.00
27.50 CAD
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